Our School

Charles A. Brown School

Charles A. Brown High was established because of the growing population in the downtown community. The new school was built and named Eastside High School. It was east of King Street at 25 Blake Street. The facility was sanctioned to provide a quality education for black students yet the use of Burke High School campus and resources was critical to the success of the school. Trade students were allowed to attend class at Burke School. Due primarily to accreditation issues but also shared sentiment among the student body that had spent the majority of their high school experience at Burke, the first graduating seniors received their diploma from Burke High School.

On September 4, 1962 the doors were opened to the first group of students from 8th thru 12th grade under the leadership team of principal Lomax Manigualt and Vice Principal George Stanyard. Manigualt was a very gifted mathematician. He supervised many fine students and saw many great accomplishments. Mr. George Stanyard was teaching math when he was called to be the Vice Principal. Because of Mr. Standard’s personal interest and neighborly knowledge of the families and students in the community he brought a feeling of understanding and closeness to all. These two great principals had the undying support of counselors and their assistants, and the faculty and staff members who worked diligently to accomplish the first academic year; one education requirement to acquire accreditation. Parents and area leaders assisted in the information of extra curricular activities in the pursuit of school development and through the years many programs were established including….

*Formation of the adult school, through which many parents returned to school to complete their education.
*Reading remediation initiatives for 8th and 9th grades.
*Collaboration between the school and businesses to provide student
on the job training and mentoring.
*After school tutorial sessions.
*Summer institutes for additional instruction
*Sidewalk art show sponsored by the art department
*Music and theater productions.

Eastside High School was renamed Charles Albert Brown High School in memory of Mr. Charles A. Brown on September 12, 1962. Mr. Brown was a trustee for the district 20 school board from 1947 to 1962. Mr. Brown died the first semester of the 1962 school year. Before he died, he served on the board of trustees as the chairman for 14 of his 15 years. He was an advocate for young people and a firm supporter of education. Mr. Brown’s family came to Charleston from Sumter, South Carolina. Mr. Brown spent his youth in downtown Charleston. He attended Courtenay Elementary School and graduated from the high school of Charleston. He also received his degree form the University of Pittsburg.

After the school was fully staffed, the fighting Black Panther was chosen as the school mascot. With consideration of the national social climate, this mascot was of particular interest. It was at the dawn of the Black Panther Power platform during the civil rights movement that this all-negro institution arose with a symbol of a black panther. In the year 1963 Mrs. Hedy Brown wrote the school’s Alma Mater from the tune of Oh Danny Boy.

Approaching the end of the era, Mr. John Singletary was principal and Mrs. Andrea Heyer was Vice Principal when changes in the school’s structure included the termination of the 8th grade. The doors were finally closed June of 1982.

For twenty years Charles A. Brown had many students of Great skills and abilities to flow through its doors. We possessed many skills and talents that are taking us through lives. When we look back over our lives at what we have learned during our years at C.A. Brown, and really start to think things over, we can truly say….Oh What a Time We Had!