Upcoming Events

Events  to attend:                                                  

Panther in the Park Cookout! Click to Print Flyer!
Saturday, June
          12:00 noon-7:00pm
Fun & Food for everyone in appreciation of your support throughout the year!
Contact Joey Washington @ 843-437-0183-joswashsr@aol.com

Halloween Masquerade Party queen contest fundraiser tentatively scheduled for _______. Come out in your ghost and goblin costumes. The scariest costume wins the door prize.  Enjoy “Old School” music while we mingle, talk about school memories and try to figure out who’s in that costume.  We are sure that you will have lots of fun. Don’t miss the boat!

Christmas Gala! Friday December . Download Event Information & Registration below….

January Parade: In Charleston an annual parade is held to remember Emancipation Proclamation day on January 1, 1865, when the Emancipation Proclamation freed America’s slaves.

“Eastside Day”,  Introducing: students, and the community, to campus and community history, neighboring services and projects.  Free Refreshments.

Board Meetings:

Dec  2017 – Board Meeting
CABHAA: 2nd Tuesday Monthly

January- Board Meeting
CABHAA: 2nd Tuesday Monthly

February- Board Meeting
CABHAA: 2nd Tuesday Monthly

March – Board Meeting
CABHAA: 2nd Tuesday Monthly

April -May – Board Meeting
CABHAA: 2nd Tuesday Monthly

Jun  – Sept – Board Meeting
CABHAA: 2nd Tuesday Monthly

In addition to the many events and programs hosted or co-hosted by our C.A. Brown Alumni Association or other CABHAA partners, the C.A. Brown Alumni Association proudly sponsors several signature events. These signature events are:

  • Costume Party
    Fun Fundraiser for Bi-Annual Food Drive
  • Thanksgiving
    Every other year on Thanksgiving feed families (Give baskets: feed families from the East side/DSS assisted)
  • Christmas Gala
    Honorary Hall and Guest Speakers

Download Event Information

As your Charles A. Brown High Alumni Association Committee, we want to encourage you to mark your calendars now to attend the Upcoming Events. We’re looking forward to seeing you, catching up on each other’s news and creating new memories.
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We hope you will keep your connection to CABHAA and the C.A. Brown Family by the joining alumni and friends who attend our events big and small throughout the year.